Jungle Fever Anyone?

When I’m craving new pieces for my closet I like to put together inspiration boards. That way I can get a clear visual understanding of what my outfits will look like. I find this is a great way to save me money as I can often do senseless shopping; buying single items that I fall in love with, but can never figure out exactly how to match with other pieces.

One of my all time fashion favorites is animal print. This look combines a Zara top that I needed to have and J. Crew pants that nearly maybe faint from joy when I saw the color; along with some pieces that I already had in my closet.

Let me know what some of your fashion favorites are!Β Image


Feeling Inspired

I’ve finally decided to take my friend’s words of advise. “Start your own blog Nicole!” she said. With New York City as my backdrop and my love for fashion and beauty driving me, here I go. I hope you enjoy!